Stop Calling Us NEPA – Discos To Nigerians

The Spokesperson of the Discos responsible for
the distribution of electricity across Nigeria,
Sunday Oduntan has asked Nigerians to stop
calling them NEPA.

Oduntan who appeared on TVC’s ‘Your View’,
debunked claims of a 78% increase in electricity
tariff as he pointed out that the Nigerian
Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is the
independent regulatory body in charge
of regulating the power sector just like the
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulates banks.

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He further revealed that more than 95% of
what is used in Nigeria’s power sector are
imported which is why there is a proposed
increase in electricity tariff. Oduntan added that
if the exchange rate is okay and there is
reduced importation in the electricity sector,
there will also be reduced electricity tariff.

The Discos spokesperson also told Nigerians to
stop calling them NEPA because it shows they
don’t want change, have not noticed there is a
change and also don’t want electricity.

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