Those Behind Fresh Plot To Cause Unrest In Imo Will Be Disgraced

Imo State

GACIY receives Government’s disclosure of a “fresh plot by politicians to destabilize Imo” with a mix of concern and frustration.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon Declan Emelumba, told newsmen on Tuesday that “a former governor of the state and other disgruntled politicians have voted a hefty N5b with which to trigger another round of security crisis in the state.”

Emelumba went on to add that “a serving member of the House of Representatives from Imo State is coordinating the destabilization plot.” That “part of the plot is to raise a petition to the Inspector General of Police that security has collapsed in the state and that the government has been overwhelmed by the challenges. They are going to use the recent unfortunate fate of our two Royal Fathers from Njaba to anchor their campaign.”

These terrorists, looters and mandate thieves want to force the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in Imo, leading to the removal of the Governor. Their grouse is that the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma recovered his mandate from the Supreme Court and is committed to recovering looted assets of the State. For these, they are calling down thunder and lightning, fire and brimstone upon our peaceful State.

GACIY expresses concern, aware that further social unrest will rewind the current rapid economic progress and take us back to the wilderness. Our frustration arises from the fact that we have raised the alarm on many occasions yet security agents hesitate to round up these masterminds for reasons best known to them.

We are constrained to remind security agencies and indeed the discerning public not only that security breaches in Imo are artificial, they are scripted, perfomed, marketed and distributed by a group of vampires, desperate politicians perched on Abuja who are now regrouping for a sequel.

Recall that on the strength of painstaking investigations, GACIY had raised the alarm on September 15, 2021 in a press release titled POLITICIANS FUNDING A PROXY WAR IN IMO WILL MEET A DISGRACEFUL END. In it, we detailed how this group of strangers, united only by blinding hate for Governor Hope Uzodimma, recruited, groomed, tooled, and commissioned hoodlums to set fire to Imo, waste innocent lives to such a degree that Uzodimma will be marched out of office.

We had warned the world that in their satanic desperation, they had set out to clone both the Eastern Security Network (to give their evil enterprise a separatist disguise), and national dailies (to legitimize their falsehood).

In October, GACIY again sounded the alarm after the PDP lured over 600 innocent job seekers into a political radicalization programme designed to onboard social media warriors and disruptive elements.

The mandate of the Imo PDP’s 600man social media army is to ambush and attack all things Hope Uzodimma and disrupt the peace of the State. It is these radicalised youths and others that the these politicians, enemies of Imo State, want to unleash against the State in the guise of youths on protest. Having operated regimes that ransacked Imo, these politicians now choose to arm and brainwash our sons and daughters and unleash them against the society? Is this the apology we deserve?

Now that the government has obtained this sensitive piece of intelligence, GACIY expects that security agencies will go after the masterminds in high places; whose ox is gored in the ongoing recovery of looted assets through the implementation of relevant White Papers, those who want to rule Imo by all means, those for whom the agony of the masses is a sonorous song.

We demand that the security agents lock them up whole with their funny caps, garments, bracelets, and muflers until Imo knows peace again.


Collins Ughalaa KSC
November 3, 2021.

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