Votes were Changed Overnight Using USBs In Nevada State, Mindy Robinson Tells Donald Trump

The 2020 US Presidential election which was conducted and Counted last month has been causing confusing in the United States of America, Joe Biden emerged as the Winner after got massive votes of 80 Million against Donald Trump who got a total vote of 74 Million. After Joe Biden was declared as the winner, Donald Trump started Investigating the results of the election and he keeps saying the Election was rigged for Joe Biden to got that Historical vote.

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Donald said the Dominion software which was used in counting the votes were loaded with multiple votes of joe Biden overnight, he added that part of his votes was stolen for Joe Biden during the counting of the votes.

One of Donald Trump’s Supporters, Mindy Robinson has given him another report concerning what happened overnight during the election counting. She said votes were changed overnight using USBs.

Check out what she said below

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She said:

Votes were changed overnight using USBs in Nevada, of course, the fake news media doesn’t want to report on it because it proves voter fraud. We’ve got to audit this election now. Or none of our elections will ever count again.


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