What We Are Afraid To Do In America, They Do It Freely In Nigeria – Roberts Liardon

Roberts Liardon

According to the video making rounds online, the UK-Based Pastor and Church Historian, Roberts Liardon said that the Churches in America don’t enjoy the same liberty the Churches in Nigeria enjoyed.

The thing that also impressed me was the way they pray. Everybody pray in tongue loud and aggressive, and you could hear the sound of the prayer of the 100,000 people, echoing into the heavens, it was phenomenon. I’ve been in great meetings with my grandmother and mum, I’ve been in revival during the 90’s, they’re all amazing but I’ve never had anything like this. They’re praying in tongue with passion, declaring the word of God and it is raw, that there is revival,” Roberts Liardon said.

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The UK-Based Pastor said revival is already going on in Nigeria, while they discuss about it in America. “You know, in America we talk about revival, organize revival, have revival meetings, discuss revival. I do all that and I’m glad to do it but in Nigeria, they don’t discuss it, they do it. All the argument we have here, whether we should pray in tongue out loud because of the government, it scares many of the big Churches and they do not want to answer questions and deal with issues that tongue create, but in Nigeria, everybody are roaring and praying in tongue aggressively, and that’s how they praise God too. They praise God with the intensity of the spirit,” Roberts Liardon.

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He further added that the Churches in America don’t enjoy the same liberty the Churches in Nigeria enjoyed. “What we are afraid to do in America, they do it freely in Nigeria. I’m telling you, it’s an amazing thing. Revival is not coming to Nigeria, it’s already landed, it’s moving, it’s growing and it’s going to be a great thing to have such deposit brought back here to us. We need to build our churches like that but we’re scared,” Roberts Liardon said.

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