Why Goodluck Jonathan Must Not Think Of Running For The Presidency In 2023

In recent times, there have been rumours that former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is being pressured to run for the Presidency come 2023. Though that has not been confirmed by him, nor has he issued a public statement against the rumours which has since gone viral.

Well, be that as it may, I am one of those who is not in support of him returning to Aso Rock for any reason, and as such, it is better that the Otueke born politician reconsider his stand, especially if he is nursing the ambition to contest the 2023 Presidential election, because the kind of politics being played in this part of the world will eventually rubbish his enviable Personality.

There is no doubt, political power is one of the sweetest thing on earth, especially in Africa, hence the reason most politicians are willing and ready to do anything just to win their respective Political positions. But it is equally important to know that, political power is not the ultimate achievement in life, and it is on this ground that the former Nigerian President must resist any force or temptation that is deceiving him to join the race ahead of the 2023 Presidential election.

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First of all, Jonathan should throwback his mind to his tenure as the number one citizen of Nigeria, especially all that he went through, both in the hands of his own party men. He should equally recall how much attacks that was unleashed on him from every corner, in a desperate effort to tarnish and rubbish his personality.

Also, has he forgotten so quick, all that he was subjected to in the build up to the 2015 general election? All these were happening regardless of the efforts he was putting in just to make sure Nigerians have a better life, even after he must have left office in the future. Yet, he went on to loose that election to President Mohammadu Buhari.

But in spite how he was treated and ridiculed, Goodluck Jonathan went on to become a hero of Democracy, not just in Nigeria or Africa, but on the global stage. Hence, the recognitions, accolades, appointments, etc, that he received afterwards. The international communities hailed and adored him, especially for his efforts in making sure that Nigeria’s Democracy was not truncated by his Political ambition.

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Till date, the world still holds Goodluck Jonathan in high esteem for his rare style of playing politics, which was devoid of bloodshed, selfishness, greed, intimidation, corruption, etc , especially at a time when most African leaders are notorious for being power drunk, yet Jonathan refused to walk same path like such African Political leaders.

Even though majority of Nigerians would want him to be back in Aso Rock as their President, but should he succumb to that pressure, then that will be the biggest political mistake in his entire life. The former President has built a golden image since he left Aso Rock in 2015, which some other Politicians and persons might obviously be jealous and envious of, hence there is every possibility that he is being lured back into politics just to ruin that enviable reputation he has built over the years, and if possible, drag his globally recognized Personality in the mud.

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Even though am not a prophet or a seer, but I can tell that if he eventually returns to Aso Rock for the second time in his political career, it will not end well. In fact, it will be worst than what he went through during his previous time as the President of Nigeria. So, he must resist any temptation of such, regardless of any reason or the benefits at sight.

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